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Discover a basketball program that goes beyond the game at Play4Him Academy. Founded in 2016 by Jeramie Hinote, our faith-based basketball program is dedicated to instilling leadership skills and values that extend far beyond the court.  This year's Spring tryouts are coming soon! Be sure to sign up now.


At Play4Him Academy, we are on a mission to empower young athletes not just as basketball players but as leaders on and off the court. Our foundation is built on three core values:

  • Respect: Fostering a culture of respect for oneself, teammates, coaches, opponents, and the game.
  • Humbleness: Teaching the virtue of humility, understanding that true greatness comes from a spirit of gratitude and continuous growth.
  • Faithfulness: Nurturing a faith-based approach, encouraging players to rely on their faith as a source of strength, resilience, and inspiration.

Our Approach: We offer a variety of avenues to reach young athletes and guide them towards success:

  • Individual Training: Tailored coaching sessions that focus on skill development, personal growth, and character building.
  • Camps: Engaging and immersive basketball camps designed to enhance skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  • Teams: Join our teams and experience the camaraderie of collective effort, discipline, and the joy of playing for a higher purpose.

Goals at Play4Him Academy: Our ultimate goal is to help each kid in their unique race. We believe that every child is created uniquely by God and equipped with the strength to overcome challenges. Our message is simple – God made you, and you are destined to win your day. We aim to instill the belief that with faith, hard work, and perseverance, every child can triumph on and off the court.

Spring tryouts 24 P4h

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