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Discover a basketball program that goes beyond the game at Play4Him Academy. Founded in 2016 by Jeramie Hinote, our faith-based basketball program is dedicated to instilling leadership skills and values that extend far beyond the court.


Ideally, your child should start as soon as possible.  The later they start, the further behind they will be.   The younger grades (3-4th) will have more focus on the very basics of how to play the game from movement, fundamental skill work, how to play with other team members and individual offense and defense.  As they continue into the 5th and 6th grades, they will leave each season ahead of schedule in their growth of the game.

Costs will vary depending on which program your child is invited to. 

All students will have $130 uniform cost (done at registration) that includes reversible shorts and jersey and a shooting shirt.  (These are new for the Spring 2024 season.)

3rd-4th grade $925 

5th grade- High School Black $1000

(includes 7 tournaments)

5th grade - High School White $1150 

(includes 9-10 tournaments)

After you are invited to join a team, you have until the end of the month to complete your registration.  You will have 5 payment options.

Option 1: Pay in full, you can pay by credit card at registration or by check. If you choose to pay by check, you will save any credit card fees.    If paying by
check complete registration up to the payment portion and we will complete the payment portion on our side of the system. 
Option 2: 3 month plan. When you set up the payment plan the first payment will come out that day,  The next 2 payments will come out at the end of the next 2 calendar months.  You are able to change payment sources in your parent account. 

Option 3: 4 Month Plan (again, first payment the day it is set up, next 3 payments last day of month.)

Option 4: 5 Month Plan

Option 5; 6 Month Plan

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