This level is for the serious type of player committed to primarily basketball.  One that has aspirations of playing past High School.  We will play more tournaments and go against some of the best talent in the midwest.  Starting in the winter of 2024 we will participate in the Prep Hoops Circuit in the Legacy division at the 7th through HS level.  Our 4th through 6th grade will participate in some of the biggest tournaments in the midwest.  

Grades 4th through HS will have Elite Level teams.  We will title these teams Play4Him Elite 


If you make these teams you will be expected to make practice a priority over local activities.  We will have two practices a week at one location.  Fort Dodge will become the main location once the building is up in January of 2025.  We will have tryouts for this level each August starting in 2024.  The 4th through 8th grade will be expected to commit for the year starting with tournaments beginning in November ending mid February.  Then starting back up in April through Mid June.  You will play approximately 20 tournaments over that time frame.  HS will have teams formed in August and start tournaments in April Ending end of July with approximately 10 tournaments in that time frame.  

These teams will have some strategic things put in place for game play at practice.  Example quick hitters, man and zone defensive strategies, different BLOB plays ect.  Practice is a must to be at so that you are not lost come tournament time. 

You will have opportunities to play in front of college coaches of many levels in this. We will help get info out to coaches about you.  We will send schedules of tournaments and practices to them so that you can be found.  We will also begin the process of putting some of the games each weekend on live video for people to watch the games as well.  


HS $300 Deposit Non refundable $1000 in the Spring $130 uniform

4th through 8th $300 non refundable deposit, $1800 paid over the course of the season plus $130 uniform



This level is for the multi sport player that wants to improve for their school teams.  Maybe you are a multi-sport athlete that just can’t commit to the time of the circuit programs.  These teams will have two seasons.  Fall and winter for grades 3rd through 8th and a spring season for grades 3rd through HS.  We will put together two teams in each grade of regional players and you will play primarily in MAYB and local events in the Des Moines/Ames/Omaha/Sioux City Area.

We will have teams in Grades 2nd through HS.  These teams will be Labeled Play4Him White, Black, or Blue. 


If you make these teams you will have practice opportunities once a week.  We hope that you can make them but also understand that you are busy.  Understand that the value of our program is our practices so the more you can make the more value of your dollar.  

We will continue to focus on skill development in these practices hoping to teach the kids how to play in any type of strategy their school coaches have.  


Fall/Winter  $900 plus $130 Uniform if needed

Spring Summer $1000 plus $130 Uniform if needed. 


This level is for kids that do not have the time to play the tournament schedule.  It is also for the young person that has not gotten the chance to learn the game and wants some structure on how to build the skill set.  We do not play tournaments at this level, we just practice in the hope that they can make a team or have made some decisions to want to play on some teams in the future.  For some of our own hosted tournaments we may put some groups together to compete and use the skills they are learning in game situations.  

Cost winter Dec and Jan grades 2nd through 8th $225

Summer June and July 2nd through 8th  $225