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Our Promise

We will not cut corners. We will work harder than everyone, to give our kids a chance to be the best person and player they can be.

We will build positive relationships with the kids, and the people that have influence on them.

We will be loyal to all that are on our bus. More importantly, we will strive to let God drive our bus. We will never turn our back on any one of our people. If an issue arises, we will never handle it in the public eye. We will always give glory to God, in successes and failures, and for the opportunity just to perform.

We will listen to peoples' ideas. We will listen to parents and kids to see what we can do, to always make this a positive experience for them. We will bring a passion and energy every day, to every practice, to every game, and to every meeting.

We will inspire kids to go to another level in their physical games, spiritual growth, and their vision of themselves. Most importantly, give an avenue to eternal life.


At Play4Him Academy, we are on a mission to empower young athletes not just as basketball players but as leaders on and off the court. Our foundation is built on three core values:

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